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matt adamsMatt Adams is a respected baseball player in the Cardinals who has been tearing up the field. This young rookie is just getting himself started, and with himself having the experience that he does, you will find this guy developing into a great baseball player. He has recently been hitting exactly .611 as his batting average. In 2011, he received the award for being the Cardinals Major League Player of the Year because of his strong team work ethic and his amazing batting skills.

Who exactly is Matt Adams?

Matt is a tough cookie having grown up in Pennsylvania. He graduated college in Slippery Rock University, and he developed a great batting average record there at a score a bit higher than .400. He is currently playing all kinds of roles a part of the team, so he does a little bit of everything on the Cardinals team.

He has had exactly 3 home runs in just 18 at bats throughout this season. You will find Matt Adams to have the most mesmermizing time whenever he hits, and his batting skills always come into play at just the right time.

Despite Adams only being a bench guy the majority of the time that he out there on the field, he says that he is always trying to keep up his game. He says that he makes sure to watch the videos of all the pitchers on the team he is about to play. He studies how they throw, what they do, and how they approach different players they are pitching to. He says that even though he may not always be a starter, he should always be ready for any challenges that come his way. He uses this time off trying to work his way through different batting techniques.

He makes the minimum wage of $490,000 which is not too shabby. However, if he wants to play with the big boys more often and earn a lot more per season, he knows that he must work harder and play better to be considered a main starter of every game.

Just recently, he was given an award as the second best player among the first baseman from He was a part of the 23rd round draft pick back in 2009. Adams has the skills to knock the ball out of the park often and almost during every game. Having been in the majors last years and playing more often, you will find his exprience to have been helping him in the sport. The Cardinals have been doing a wonderful job with how they handle this young man. Only time will tell before this kid comes along with a huge amount of success pouring in.

Matt Adams is one of the great rookie players in the MLB this season. He has a strong track record, a wonderful set of experience, and just more than enough money that will help him succeed for the rest of his life. His future salary may exponentially grow over time as he gains more and more experience.

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